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Korea JAYONTREE JUJUBE Dates Chips with Almond / Jujube Chips Almond Jujube Chips

RM 6.90
Korea JAYONTREE JUJUBE Dates Chips with Almond / Jujube Chips Almond Jujube Chips Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Korea JAYONTREE JUJUBE Dates Chips with Almond / Jujube Chips Almond Jujube Chips

[Brand]: Jayontree

[Made in Korea]

-Jujube Dates Chips 12g

-Jujube Dates Chips with Almond 15g

3 Jujubes a day 

Stay young & vibrant

[Dates Chips With Almond 15g] : Using our patented seed removal and sun-drying technology. The jujube chips are sweet and crispy, and then paired with aromatic almonds, giving not only a wonderful flavor to your taste bud, but they are also full of rich nutrition.

Ingredients and Content: Jujube & Almond 100% (domestic)

[Dates Chips 12g] : With our patented seed removal and drying technology. Each 12g packet of jujube chips is sweet and crispy. They are easy to carry and can be eaten with a variety of different foods, or just as a casual snack.

Ingredients and Content: Jujube 100% (domestic)

The efficacy and nutritional value of jujubes are well known, making them an excellent choice for health and as a tonic. Studies have found that the vitamins, A, B, C, K, P, plus rutin, alkaloids, saponins, etc., found in them can enhance blood flow and help prevent damage to the skin. Besides acting as a tonic for the vital energy and blood, they are also a good sleep aid and a beauty supplement.

Korean Daeheung Jujubes come from Gyeongsan, Korea, the finest place to grow jujubes. In addition to the excellent soil and sunlight, Daeheung's products are double screened and are shipped with the highest standards. With up to 6 patents and ISO22000 certification, you can be assured that every bite is perfectly safe.

Daeheung Korea has also developed a variety of healthy snacks and beverages made from jujubes, ensuring everyone can enjoy the delicious taste, while staying healthy at the same time. This beautiful gift box comes sincerely from the heart, giving you the peace of mind that you are consuming natural goodness, as well as savoring the rich and wonderful flavors.

[Used as a well-being snack for all ages] Nutritious jujube chips using 100% Korean jujube. Crispy jujube that you can eat like sweets

[Nutrition & Flavor] Containing vitamin E, and has a good texture and savory taste.

[Sugar, no preservatives, no pigments] You can enjoy healthy and simple jujube chips without any additives.

[How to use] You can enjoy various foods such as jujube tea, jujube terminal, and jujube vegetable salad.

[Hygienic Production Management] As a clean workplace certified company, the jujube was washed in a sanitary production facility, sliced and dried.

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