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Premium Korea Ginseng Chicken Soup Base Samgyetang 70g 韩国人参鸡汤药膳包 Herbal Soup Pack Material

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Premium Korea Ginseng Chicken Soup Base Samgyetang 70g 韩国人参鸡汤药膳包 Herbal Soup Pack Material

【Muslim-friendly product】

【What is Korean Samgyetang?】

🔥 Perfect for making Samgyetang at home.
🔥 100% natural, high-quality herbal ingredients - all grown in Korea.
🔥 SamGyeTang is the healthiest way to cook chicken, because the calories of chicken are relatively low, making the soup clear, oil-free and fresh.
🔥 Ginseng - It’s used believed to help boost the immune system, stimulate physical and mental activity, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels and reduce stress.

【Health benefits of Samgyetang】
Ginseng, a well-known medicinal herb, provides nutrients, speeds up metabolism of the body, and helps restore energy. The spicy and warm garlic helps blood circulation and also detoxifies and sterilizes the body. Jujubes (red dates) neutralize poisons and strengthen the digestive system, again to help blood circulation, and also to help organs function. And then of course there’s the chicken, which warms the pancrease and stomach and strengthens the five major organs (heart, kidney, liver, lungs, and spleen). The glutinous rice inside the chicken strengthens the digestive system and provides energy during the hot and humid summer days. 

【How to cook?】

1) Wash the chicken (including the cavity) thoroughly under running cold water.
2) Pour the 2 liters water into a large pot and boil the water over medium high heat. Wash the SamGyeTang kit.
3) Place the stuffed chicken and SamGyeTang kit in the boiling water and boil with a lid.
4) Boil the chicken and SamGyeTang with medium heat until the scent out.
5) Then, reduce the heat to low and simmer with a lid for another 20 minutes. 6) Add fresh aromatic ingredients to the broth for better flavor : Scallions, Onions, Vegetables, Rice Cakes, etc.
7) Transfer contents to a hot stone serving bowl, heat it up just before serving so that it is hot and bubbly at the dinner table.  


✅ 去韩国必吃的参鸡汤,现在在家也能轻松料理。
✅ 严选韩国正宗的参鸡汤材料,直接入锅炖煮。
✅ 食用参鸡汤好处很多,可以滋补、养生、美容、去燥,而且在补养的同时,又不必担心发胖。
✅ 因为鸡肉的热量比较低,参鸡汤的做法又较为天然,使得汤清无油,且清爽鲜明,饮食健康。
✅ 冷天暖胃,平时补气、补力、补全家。

1) 将鸡肉切块,丢入冷水锅内加热,川烫去血水。
2) 准备一锅约2L的水加热,并将材料包洗净。
3) 水滚后将参鸡汤材料及鸡肉放入锅中一起炖煮。
4) 先以中火将材料煮出香味。
5) 再以小火炖煮约20分钟。
6) 起锅前,稍加调味,另可加入葱段、蔬菜、年糕等。
7) 煮滚后,就能享用香喷喷的正宗韩国参鸡汤。  

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