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  • 日清焼そばU.F.O.「売上NO1 篇」15秒 / 藤岡弘、・川口葵

Halal Japan Nissin UFO Instant Pan-fried Noodle (UFO Yakisoba) [Original/Osaka Takoyaki/Korean Hot Chicken]

RM 3.90
Halal Japan Nissin UFO Instant Pan-fried Noodle (UFO Yakisoba) [Original/Osaka Takoyaki/Korean Hot Chicken] Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Halal Japan Nissin UFO Instant Pan-fried Noodle (UFO Yakisoba) [Original/Osaka Takoyaki/Korean Hot Chicken]




✅ Original 129g (Made in Japan Version & Non-Halal)

✅ Osaka Takoyaki 97g (Halal & Indonesia Version)

✅ Korean Hot Chicken 99g (Halal & Indonesia Version)

With the new ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures put in place, munching on actual takoyaki and spicy chicken might take a while. In the meantime, NISSIN’s new U.F.O. series is more than enough to keep your hunger pangs in line with its savoury flavour and cheap price.

With a cooking time of only four minutes, and a packaging that literally guides you through every step of the way, these noodles are great time-savers as you work from home.

【Japan Nissin UFO ORIGINAL Instant Pan-Fried Noodle (UFO Yakisoba) 】

-Made in Japan Version

-Non Halal


Nissin UFO Yakisoba Instant noodle has a rich taste in ‘Umami’ and yakisoba sauce, with the taste of sweet and savory mix of soy sauce, ketchup and other seasonings. 

Nissin UFO Yakisoba Noodles is the most popular and best selling Japanese instant fried noodles, an easy way to enjoy the Japanese style fried noodles at home! 

【Japan Nissin UFO OSAKA TAKOYAKI Instant Pan-Fried Noodle】

-Made in Indonesia Version

-Halal Certified


Boasting a seasoning powder that’s infused with oyster, bonito, and takoyaki flavourings, the Osaka Takoyaki will take you to the streets of Dotonbori with a flavour profile that’s akin to the famous Japanese dish. 

The noodles have a smoky-savoury flavour that’s reminiscent of bonito flakes, whetting your appetite with every slurp. The dish also comes with a packet of seaweed powder for a dollop of brininess. Rounding out the bowl is the Japanese mayo which brings everything together with its creaminess and richness.

【Japan Nissin UFO KOREAN HOT CHICKEN Instant Pan-Fried Noodle】

-Made in Indonesia Version

-Halal Certified


Spicy noodles are arguably the most popular kind of instant food in Singapore, and the Korean Hot Chicken makes a compelling case for your cabinet with its balance between spicy and umami flavours that are easy on your palate. 

Don’t let their foreboding red facade fool you; the noodles won’t wage war on your tongue. They pack the right amount of heat, with enough kick to do justice to the ‘spicy noodles’ moniker. The bowl comes with a generous amount of chicken-like bits, so be sure to give it a good mix to get enough protein in every bite. 

Easy and fast preparation. Just in 4 minutes !

Cooking Instruction :

1) Open the lid from “A point” to “B point” and take out all the sachets.

2) Just add hot water until the indicated line and close the lid for 3 minutes.

3)After 4 minutes, open the outlet at “C point”. Slowly pour the water out of the water outlet. 

4)Remove the lids. Add all the sachets and stir well, then serve.

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