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Japan Marusanai Nabe Soup 750g Hot Pot Soup Base Nabe Instant Soup Bag Japanese Steamboat Soup Base

RM 16.90
Japan Marusanai Nabe Soup 750g Hot Pot Soup Base Nabe Instant Soup Bag Japanese Steamboat Soup Base Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Japan Marusanai Nabe Soup 750g Hot Pot Soup Base Nabe Instant Soup Bag Japanese Steamboat Soup Base

[Brand]: Marusanai

[Net Weight]: 750g

[Made in Japan]







A. Kimuchi Nabe Soup Based 750g 

Kimuchi korean kimuchi kimchi The palate is full of spicy kimchi hot pot soup bottom. Use korean-origin bitter pepper sauce and cooked pickle juice, and add seafood juice.1 bag for 3 to 4 people. Pickles as the base of soup, with a little spicy hot pot, sour incense is a feature. Strong enough acid and spicy, soup head is quite rich in layers, and with the sweetness of vegetables, direct food is very good. You don't need any sauce to be satisfied. 

B. Yose Nabe Soup Soy Sauce Based 750g 

Yose mix assorted Miscellaneous pot soup bottom has no specific materials, choose the favorite meat, fish, shellfish, shrimp, fish paste products, vegetables, tofu and other rich ingredients to add, is cooked in high soup simmer into the japanese home heating pot.And this hot pot soup is cooked with snapper stew into high soup, then add kunbu and clams, taste sweet and thick.Adding to nagoya chicken, dry bonito, and 3 delicious vegetarians from the sun-high kun cloth, the fish shellfish taste more delicious, is a fairly basic and popular hot pot soup bottom. 

C. Chanko Nabe Soup Based 750g

Chanko sumo pot Sumo hot pot also known as hercules hot pot, soup is cooked with chicken bone with special soy sauce, chicken bone with a strong sweet addition to bonito dry, fish dry add rich flavor soy sauce flavor soup bottom, then put into various ingredients together, rich in ingredients.。 

D. Tantan Men Fumi Goma Miso Soup 750g

Goma miso sesame flavor confectionery The miso in the miso pan was quite special, with miso and miso in the mix. About eight-hundred percent of the miso soup we usually drink is miso and our most familiar flavor, but the soup has been designed to add miso to make the bottom of the hot pot more hierarchical. 

E. Tonyu Nabe Soup 750g

Soy milk hot pot soup bottom. The smooth soy milk is made of chicken bone soup and fresh seaweed soup, with a little ginger flavor. 1 bag for 3 to 4 people. Stew with chicken bones and kunbu and add soy milk made from organic soybeans to make the bottom of the soup full of protein.Suitable for matching: pork, chicken, cabbage, carrots, tofu, mushrooms and golden mushroom.When you want to supplement protein.

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