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Japan Grade AA Capelin Fish Shishamo 8pcs Shisamo

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Japan Grade AA Capelin Fish Shishamo 8pcs Shisamo

[Net Weight]: 8pcs (170g) per tray

Their Japanese name is shishamo (meaning, "willow leaf fish") and they are a type of smelt. That is, from any number of small, silvery fish generally used as bait, but which are really very good to eat on their own.

In order to want to cook and eat shishamo, you really have to like fish eggs. There is no flesh to speak of and given the size of the fish, no bones to contend with. It's as if the fish are mere vessels for their reproductive matter. When deep-fried in a thin dusting of flour and salt, their bodies are like little ice cream cones of crispy skin encasing a tender nub of cooked caviar.

Mild in taste with a pleasantly grainy texture, the eggs will pair nicely with a sauce of your choosing. I like a light tsuyu or tempura-style dipping sauce so as not to overwhelm the taste of the fish eggs. But they would be very good with ponzu sauce, a mustard sauce, a green herby sauce with parsley, minced garlic, and lemon, or just plain vinegar. Fry 'em up in a matter of minutes, and you have finger food that's pregnant with flavor.

This is frozen product

⚠️Must read before order⚠️

⚠️Only for West Malaysia customers ⚠️

⚠️Sabah & Sarawak please DO NOT ORDER ⚠️

⚠️Kindly store in freezer immediately after order received⚠️


Kindly do not order frozen items + dry items in 1 order. If you have frozen & dry items, please separate to 2 order, due to shipping method is different.

No return / refund / exchange will be accepted, Thank you.

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