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Halal Korea Hongcho Vinegar Drink 900ml [Strawberry Grapefruit / Pomegranate / Blueberry/ Raspberry/ Apple]

RM 19.90
Halal Korea Hongcho Vinegar Drink 900ml [Strawberry Grapefruit / Pomegranate / Blueberry/ Raspberry/ Apple] Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Halal Korea Hongcho Vinegar Drink 900ml [Strawberry Grapefruit / Pomegranate/ Blueberry/ Raspberry/ Apple]]

【Halal product】

【Product Features】

- “Hong Cho” literally means Red Vinegar. Hong Cho is a fruity, tangy, refreshing drink mix concentrate with pomegranate concentrate and vinegar that has health benefits of pomegranate and vinegar in one bottle.

- Contains Vitamin B3, B5 and B6. These three kinds of complexions help to improve the metabolism.

- Vinegar may help to support rate of digestion and absorption of calcium.

- Hong Cho can be an addition to your everyday healthier life.

- This Vinegar Drink is made of 100% Naturally fermented + super antioxidant fruit.

【5 Flavours】

1) Pomegranate

Pomegranate is a red fruit with lots of seeds inside, producing a sweet and sour flavor. Pomegranate is rich in various organic acids and well-known as super antioxidant fruit, which great for skin.

2) Strawberry & Grapefruit

This fruity and tangy drink can be enjoyed on its own with cold water or carbonated water, with your favorite cocktail,

tea, yogurt, ice cream or you can use it as a salad dressing or as a marinade for cooking.

3) Blueberry

This purple fruity vinegar drink is good for the eyes, rich in anthocyanin, fibroids, and minerals. A refreshing and rich taste. Best choice for elderly and children. It also can use to make a latte. 

4) Apple

- Taste slightly sour and sweet flavour. Granny Smith green apple used from Australia, which rich in flavonoids and antioxidant properties. 

Used for low calories dishes.

 5) Raspberry

- Taste sweet and sour which contains anthocyanin helps fatigue recovery. Korean blackberry used, greats for dad and husband choice.

【Health benefits】

1) Fatigue Recovery

Vinegar contains organic acid, which dissolves lactic acid that cause fatigue, help fatigue recovery.

2) Stress Relief

As a mixture of naturally fermented vinegar and super antioxidant fruit, Hongcho can be mixed with water, milk, soda water, Makkoli, beer etc. to create a range of special drinks. Its simplicity, convenience & tastiness can help you kick out stress easily.

3) Boost Metabolism

Fermented vinegar can inhibit the formation of peracidified lipids, boosting cell metabolism and improving blood circulation, and increasing facial colour. Combining with antioxidant fruit, it can help prevent free radicals from damaging skin tissue, delaying cell aging and keeping young.

4) Low Sugar Formula

Every 100ml Hongcho contains less than 5g sugar, tasty and healthy.

5) Oligonucleotide

A low-calorie substitute of sugar, its metabolism produce lactic acid and acetic acid, which promote intestinal peristalsis, inhibit the growth of harmful intestinal bacteria and improve the intestinal function.

【Volume】900ml per bottle

【Product of Korea】

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