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Korea Dongsuh Brown Rice Green Tea

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Korea Dongsuh Brown Rice Green Tea

【Brand】:Dongsuh Korea


-Brown Rice Tea 


-100 bags (Original Box)

Have you ever seen in Korean Series actor/actress drinks a brown color of water? This is the one! Most of Koreans drink water instead boiled tea which are barley tea.

1)Pour hot water (79-80ml) over tea bag and let it steep.

2)Stir the tea bag few times before serving to enjoy delectable aroma and delicious taste.

3)Try drinking this delicate tea as a substitute for daily drinking water.

4)Drink cold in summer and hot in winter season.

【Product of Korea】

【Dongsuh Buckwheat Tea】

Helps reducing high blood and cholesterol as well as lowering blood sugar level. Buckwheat tea, or soba-cha, is most frequently consumed in Japan for its rich nutty roasted flavor, as well as for its nutritional value.

【Dongsuh Corn Tea】

Corn silk tea is full of many beneficial vitamins and minerals that can help to give your health that extra boost that it needs. It reduces blood sugar, and is rich in Vitamin c ~ Corn tea also helps in coping with kidney issues and increase urine!

【Dongsuh Barley Tea】

A soothing drink that doubles up as an herbal medicine, barley tea is full of antioxidants and acts as a natural anti-bacterial. It takes on a lot of healthy properties of barley which is very high in fiber, packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that safeguard the body against cell damage. The tea bag contains full size grains that are brewed to their absolute potential and provide so many fantastic benefits to your body, skin, and overall well being.

【Dongsuh Solomon Tea】

Dunggulle cha (둥굴레차) - made from the dried root of Solomon's seal.
As a TEA, Solomon's Seal soothes irritation in the digestive tract, lungs, throat, vagina, and uterus. It also aids in loosening up coughs This is because of its soothing demulcent and mucilaginous qualities. 

【Dongsuh Rooibos Tea】

Dongsuh Rooibos Barley Tea is based on 100% Korean barley containing rooibos that provides flavonoid, one of the most powerful anti-oxidant components, for the best physical well-being of consumers. Dongsuh Rooibos Tea contains South African rooibos, which is rich in flavonoid, and 100% Korean brown rice to secure your health. Especially, the drink contains zero-caffeine so even a young child and pregnant women can enjoy the tea.  

【Dongsuh Brown Rice Tea】

Korean Dongsuh tea bags combine the traditional mild taste of green tea and the nutty flavor of roasted brown rice. Green tea is a popular drink to reduce body weight loss and burn calories. Brown rice contains a lot of nutrition and is rich in dietary fiber. A cup of Dongsuh green tea has numerous benefits to our health. Korean’s popular use to drink it after enjoying a greasy meal.

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